Saturday, June 18, 2011


This is a compilation of resources created for a workshop I developed on knitting and math called "Knit it, Solve It!" for the Mississippi Arts Commission's 2011 Whole Schools Institute.  

Knitting Books

Knitting books relevant for the workshop are gathered together in a Knit School Amazon StorePlease remember to support local bookstores and/or yarn shops when possible.  Any revenues from Knit School Amazon Store will be used to support teaching children and teens to knit.

Online Knitting Community

Ravelry is an amazing resource!  If you are a knitter, you have to check this out.  You can search for free patterns.  You can search for a pattern and see what yarns other people have used.   You can keep track of your own projects, stash, needles, books, etc.  AMAZING! 

Online Knitting Videos

The following sites have multiple teaching videos.  For other videos, search knitting terms, projects, and abbreviations on You Tube for a plethora of how-to videos!  Find one that works for you.
Guidelines for Teaching Kids to Knit 

Curriculum Guides 
Knitting and Math 
Higher Math, Science, and Artistic Knitting: Inspiration  
Inexpensive Knitting Supplies
  • for inexpensive natural fiber yarn and knitting needles (including good quality circular needles) 
  • for inexpensive wooden and bamboo needles made by ChiaoGoo (the needles used at the workshop—9 inch size 7, 8, and 9 single point needles)
Please remember to support local yarn shops when possible! 

Just For Fun!  

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